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About Us

- Finding us -

Mill Place is located off Flinders Lane,

between Elizabeth St and Queen st.

At the end of Mill Place you will find us behind

the large red MPM monogrammed door.

We are a 4 minute walk from Flinders St station and Elizabeth St tram depot.

Parking is available at 300 Flinders St.

- Dress Code - 

We encourage a minimum of smart casuals.

- Bookings & Walk-Ins -

Bookings are available here from 2-6 guests, based on availability.

All bookings for the day close at the opening of the bar,

following which only walk-ins are accepted. 

For large groups & private bookings please email

We will try our best to accommodate everyone. 

We recommend and encourage Walk-Ins

- Our Story -

Mill Place Merchants, Housed in a historic, heritage-listed building dating back to the 1840s, we occupy a space that once buzzed with the industry of meat preserving, hat, soap, and candle merchants.


Tucked away within the timeworn walls of Mill Place,

MPM emerges from the pages of history.

The Mirror reveals a sanctuary of the past. The flickering candle light dances on exposed stone & brick walls, and the scent of aged furniture mingles with the aroma of carefully curated cocktails from the original recipes of the masters.

We are more than a speakeasy; we are custodians of a tradition. Our bartenders, skillfully blend the finest spirits to concoct the originals that tell stories of eras long gone.

MPM Door F6F0DF.png
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